“The dove of God’s Spirit soaring on wings of united prayer, peace, and faith…”

“Eternal and merciful source of our creation, who alone can work wonders and give in a measure that exceeds our thoughts and desires, grant to us all one love and compassion, that together we may accomplish the work which you have entrusted to us, and that united as channels of forgiveness, we may be inspired as your agents of renewal and healing, through your Holy Spirit coming personally to each heart as the truth, the reconciler, and the peacemaker of us all. Amen.”

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Jesus in St. Matthew 5:46: “If you love only those who love you, what is great in that?” 
 If Jesus returned to our cities today, would he be talking only with those who love him?
If St. Paul, St. Francis, or Dr. Albert Schweitzer (M.D.) walked by, who would they befriend and help?
If you encountered the Scribes, Pharisees, Roman Militants, Gentile non-believers, Immigrant Servants, and Social- outcasts in today’s world with different religious beliefs than yours, would you with the compassion of Christ reach out
in dialogue with them?
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Organization Leaders:

Interfaith Communications (ICI) is an independent Christian organization (with 501-c-3 tax-exempt classification from the IRS), founded in 1976 in Denver, Colorado by William H. Mackintosh, M.A. (Pennsylvania Univ.), M.Div. (Yale Univ.), D.Phil. (Oxford Univ., England).  He has served as a Professor, Broadcaster, Author, Presbyterian Pastor, and in 2010, Founder of the World Religions Council, also Interfaith and Consultant with the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans.

tableInterfaith Communications Inc. is registered with the Secretary of State in Colorado and Louisiana. It is administered by a President, Board of Directors, and an Assembly of members and friends. The main office is at Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church (Very Rev. Msgr. Kenneth Hedrick, Pastor); and the Hospitality-center at 2104 State St., 70118, also in New Orleans. Officers for the Board are Dr. Mackintosh, Founder-President; Bishop J. D. Wiley (Pastor of Life Center Cathedral, N.O., Finance Committee Chairman; Rev. Patrick Collum (Pastor of Annunciation Catholic Church, Bogalusa, LA), Auditor; Mrs. Ruth Goliwas, Vice-President; Rev. Fr. Youstos Ghaly (St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Church) Archivist; Rev. Dr. Robert Hildebrandt, St. Mark Lutheran Church, ELCA) Grants Advisor; Rev. Msgr. Kenneth Hedrick (St. Angela Merici Catholic Church), Worship Counsellor and Representative of the Archdiocese of New Orleans.


Interfaith Communications Inc. is supported by progressive, conservative, and evangelical Churches. Its leadership is comprised of 4 Roman Catholics, 3 Eastern Orthodox, 1 Baptist, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Lutheran, 1 Methodist, 1 Episcopalian, and 1 United Church of Christ. It has supporters in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Colorado, Montana, also in Australia, Ireland, Scotland and England UK.


Purpose and Goals:

Interfaith Communications International Inc. pursues goals among the Churches:


(1) to reunify and integrate these branches of Christendom;

(2) to show similarities in theology, worship, and mission;

(3) to heal the pain and anger from the doctrinal divisions of the past

(4) to resist hatred/misinformation directed against the major World Religions

The assault in our culture upon Christian beliefs and upon the spiritual values taught by Jesus is widespread. Aggressive and over-indulgent life-styles prevail. Modern Mass Media has a power that dwarfs the guidance of established education, law enforcement, and traditional spirituality.  The sanctity of human life, marriage, spirituality and sexuality  is ignored and compromised.  Popular social prophets today are proclaiming their own rules of conduct. The sanctities of society and standards of right and wrong in traditional faiths show signs of disappearing.

People of Faith are thus challenged to unite in communicating prayerful strategies to stem the tides of moral and ethical decay sweeping society today.

Churches and Interfaith Programs:

scottland(1)Friendship  with the affiliate organization which ICI instituted and shares an oversight, the World Religions Council, seeking dialogue on common spiritual values and peacemaking with the other major world Faiths – e.g. Judaism, Hinduism, Baha’i, Islam, Buddhism; Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism.
(2) Classes on conflict resolution, addressing (a) injustices to individual persons from anger at home and the work place; also (b) violence and hatred against religious groups rooted in other countries.
(3) Ecumenical training sessions for Christian Clergy and their congregations to overcome common prejudices toward other traditional Church beliefs and practices.
(4)  Inter-denominational and ecumenical services of prayer and worship that open opportunities for private discussions on germane theological issues, also networking with helpful communications sources.

Membership and Participation:

If you are sympathetic with these Interfaith perspectives and wish to offer financial assistance, you may become a member of ICI, and thereby receive its Newsletters, reports, and invitations to its special gatherings/meetings.

Kindly send  your request for a membership-card and ICI Newsletter.   We will be grateful for any amount you wish to contribute (IRS tax-deductible) to:

Interfaith Communications International

1322 Moss St., New Orleans

New Orleans, LA 70119

Phones: 504.508.0521(office); 504.899.2200 (2nd line & fax)

The recent Interfaith Press Publication website: www.interfaithpress.com features our book:

 “KATRINA: WHERE WAS GOD?” (Answering the pain in human catastrophes: Why Does God Allow Such Suffering?)